The continuing saga of dual citizenship…

When I returned from Italy I was so eager to get things moving with my application for Italian citizenship. For those who aren’t familiar with my story I am in the process of applying for my Italian citizenship (read more about it here). I was waiting for what felt like an eternity to get the search letter from Canadian Immigration that I needed to show that my father was an Italian citizen at the time of my birth. It took longer than usual but it finally turned up in the post while I was in Italy. I thought I had everything I needed, but as I gathered together all the documentation and my application form I noticed that I was missing something. Turns out, I also needed to get my parents “certificate of registration of marriage“. I huffed and puffed as I filled in yet another application for another piece of documentation that will take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive. So I am now playing the ever-familiar waiting game yet again for what I hope is the final piece of documentation I need. Once I get that I can head on over to the consulate (during their extremely user friendly hours *read with sarcasm*) and finally submit my application for citizenship. From there I don’t know how long it will take but I’m hoping it’s before the summer. That’s reasonable right? *fingers crossed*


10 thoughts on “The continuing saga of dual citizenship…

  1. I don’t see why there should be a problem. If you were born when your dad was still an italian citizen and you have already given them proof of this then it really should be all systems go once they have the wedding certificate. I hope so anyway that it is a fast process!!!!

    I don’t think there will be a problem once I have all the documentation they require. I think my application is pretty straight forward just because of the simple fact that my dad wasn’t yet a Canadian citizen when I was born. If I didn’t have to do the sit and wait game for all the documentation I would be a happy camper. I started the whole process in the beginning of the year so I guess if you really look at it…it’s not going too badly.

  2. I have had some trouble getting my Italian citizenship as well, and the consulate (with their schedules, laziness) doesn’t help matters even once you have all the documents! I wish you good luck but I think most likely you’ll have it before the summer time.

    Are you still waiting for the citizenship?

  3. I feel your pain. A few years ago I applied for Mexican citizenship via my Mom and it took me a while to gather all the documents (and it cost a lot of money because I had to have everything translated). When I finally made it to the consulate they said my Mom’s last name was spelled wrong on her birth certificate. Crap. Neither one of us had noticed! With a deadline nearing, i had to get on the phone to my uncle in Mexico and he got things in order for me, but it took a while and some bribes too. When he finally got it, he overnighted it, but I got it too late. The day after the cut off date, as luck would have it! All that for nothing. Just recently they’ve opened the opportunity to apply for citizenship again but I’m sort of jaded about the whole thing. I’m still debating whether I should go through all that again.

    If you really want it you should do it! 🙂 At least this time around you already have the documents and translations done.

  4. I got dual Canadian/Italian citizenship though marriage and it was hell! All the paperwork and useless rubber-stamping. And the “stronzi” at the Italian consulate in Toronto did their best to drive me crazy. I had to yell at them in Italian for them to listen to me. But in the end it all worked out. Don’t worry, it’ll be probably easier for you. At least I hope so 🙂

    For some it’s so easy and for others its a total nightmare. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things move through smoothly once I finally am able to submit the application!!

  5. I’m going through this with you and sharing the headache. Why can’t you ever get the same answer from two different people?


    I know!! Hopefully, we can both be proud Italian citizens VERY soon!! 🙂 How long have you been at it?

  6. My husband is involved in the same process here in Italy, except his dad was an American citizen when my husband was born, which adds a layer of complication. We have had to have certified translations of all the documents… have you?

    I have read all the documentation provided by the consulate here in Toronto and I haven’t seen anything in regards to translating the documents. I will just have to wait and see when I bring in my application.

  7. I have been going through hell and back for about a year and a half with the italian consulate in Hamilton. I too was applying for my dual citizenship I grew up in italy but was born in Canada both parents italian citizens at time of my birth in the 70’s. I started the process a year and a half ago got the endless list of all the documentations and paperwork necessary, during this time the vice consulate was changing and a new vice consulate had been elected and now my file sat there waiting for the new vice consulate to be sworn in. My file sat on a desk, application filled out and double checked by the office, two photocopies of original documents made at the consulate in Hamilton, (which I paid for the photocopies in cash) they told me I could take the originals back and had to leave money for the file to be sent to consulate in toronto via courier once the new vice consulate would start work. At which point (they said) i would get notified via email as to the status of my application whether or not I was an italian citizen and if yes then I would have to book an appointment and make my way downtown with the original documents in hand to get my passport. This morning I called again to find out what is going on with my file since nobody has emailed me or called me. The new vice consulate answered personally telling me anything prior to october 7th had nothing to do with him and he has no idea what happened to my file and that i need to start the whole process again, although I paid for the courier and the photocopies already. He was rude told me he volunteers and isn’t paid for what he does, he wouldn’t even look for my file and that I need to go there in Hamilton in person and then he will try and see if my file is still around in archives somewhere. I called the consulate in Toronto the lady was amazing and polite and told me he is responsible for my file, that accepting the position of vice consulate means accepting the responsibilities of the previous vice consulate and that includes my file. So here I am now having to make my way back to Hamilton simply for this man to look for my file, which he may or may not find. A year and a half of wasted time and money. I find dealing with the italian consulate in Hamilton has been a full out nightmare, they are never there and the only way to know if they are there is to go there, and at times simply to find a note on the door that says close (which yes it has happened to me). They are always quick to point out that they are not paid and volunteer, I don’t know about any of you, but whenever I have volunteered for anything I knew prior to volunteering that I would not be getting paid and it was my choice to volunteer and did so with all good intentions NOT because the title or volunteered positioned looks great on my resume!!! I, like you started the whole process because I’m a proud italian and wanted to embrace my culture but after the call of this morning and the year and a half of constant yoyo information and run arounds, money spent, and wasted time, and being treated like dirt by the hamilton italian consulate office it has left me wondering what am I truly embracing?

  8. Wow, it sounds like a complete nightmare and I don’t blame you for feeling discouraged and frustrated. I did my application through Toronto and found it to be very easy, although I had to go there in person to find out if my application was approved because they didn’t email at the time or give information over the phone. I don’t really understand what is happening in Hamilton and I also find it strange that they are volunteers, I wasn’t aware of that. I really do hope you don’t give up on this process and try to remember why it is you started this process in the first place. It’s unfortunate to see how little regard they have for their work and the effect it has on those who are trying to do something that for them is special and important. I wish you the best of luck!

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