I want your Italian biscotti recipes…

Italian bridal showers vary from bride to bride but the one thing you can almost always count on is the copious amounts of cookies made with love by relatives and friends.  These woman, without hesitation,  spend hours upon days making traditional biscotti for the bride-to-be’s special day.  It is a truly beautiful tradition and one that I hope to continue for future generations.

Have you inherited an Italian biscotti recipe? If you have, and you are willing to share your recipe with me, please send me an email at lulu_bella@live.com or if the recipe is online leave a comment with the link.

I’m interested in trying out various traditional biscotti recipes for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower and hope to share the results (hopefully good) with all of you.


3 thoughts on “I want your Italian biscotti recipes…

  1. Hi-you can check out the recipe that I make every couple of weeks. It’s not a family recipe, but it is a good one. I vary the nuts as to what I have on hand-great with hazelnuts. Recipe is on my blog from 1/28/08-biscotti di greve.

    They look delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

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