One hundred and nineteen cents…

Today started out with a plan and ended up going slightly off road but it was a great day because of it! 🙂 Since today is almost over in this neck of the woods and I haven’t had a chance to post yet, I’ve decided to post something that happened a couple years ago, I made a note of it when it happened because it’s a funny reminder for me not to take life too seriously!


The lady at the coffee shop drive-thru reminded me that you can’t take like too seriously all the time. We become drones in our routine day to day life and we follow “protocol” in everything we do. Today for example, I waited in cue for my turn to place my order to the ugly metal box with the human voice. I place my order and the box asks me “Will that be all for today?”. I say, as always, “Yes, thank you”. I drive up to the window and as I wait for the lady behind the drive-thru window to tell me how much my medium hot chocolate is going to cost me today she says “That will be one hundred and nineteen cents”. I had to giggle. It was just one of those random spontaneous moments that make life so interesting.

Have you ever had one of those moments? Where you expected something standard but ended up getting something very random?


2 thoughts on “One hundred and nineteen cents…

  1. I had a cashier at PharmaPlus tell me my total was one-point-five-seven, instead of a dollar fifty-seven. It threw me off when it happened, and I forgot about it until you recounted your story.

    I love it! It’s completely random you can’t help but giggle!! haha

  2. I love that. It reminds me of one time when my friend and I got the cheapest wine we could find here in Buenos Aires. It cost 3.75 (3 pesos and 75 centavos).
    Of course, we joked the whole time that it was a fine wine which cost us three hundred seventy-five centavos! 🙂

    Love it!!! That made me smile! Thank You!

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