Italian Fashion: Jonk 46

I am quite surprised that there isn’t more information behind the company that creates Jonk 46.  I was going to nix the idea of writing about this particular line but you see the Jonk 46 logo everywhere in Italy.  So, I’ll do my best.  Jonk 46 is a men’s casual street wear fashion line.   The product line is composed mostly of t-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies.  The Jonk 46 style is a mixture of preppy, sporty, and street.  Jonk 46 has been worn in various Italian television programs (including I Cesaroni), movies, and has even been endorsed by some Italian celebrities (ie. Francesco Arca).

Here are some images from the Summer 2009 catalogue:

For more information on Jonk 46 visit

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4 responses to “Italian Fashion: Jonk 46

  1. Thanks for clearing this up for me. On a recent Autostrada driving adventure I had seen Jonk’s billboards all over. I even featured them on my blog but had no idea what they were for. To be honest, I thought it was a football player! LOL I now see Jonk 46 is the Ed Hardy of Italy!

    Glad I could help!

  2. lg

    love the style …. ad campaign is HOT!!! ;)
    thx for the enlightenment LuLu

  3. Hi, can i buy it online anywhere – the t-shirt of the first pictures on this page?


    You can find this fashion line anywhere in Italy. I don’t know if it is available in countries outside of Italy though.

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