Carnevale in Italia: Le Chiacchiere

“Le Chiacchiere” are a traditional Italian sweet, made during the period of Carnival.  I’ve also heard people call them “Bugie”.

It is a simple recipe involving a flour dough which is rolled out and cut into strips and twisted.  They are then fried and excessively sprinkled with powdered sugar (with the majority of the powdered sugar ending up on your face and clothes rather than in your tummy).

Some people like to top their chiacchere with honey, or chocolate.

For the past couple years, my roommate and I have started a sort of tradition of making chiacchere the weekend of Carnival.  The first year was the first time I’d ever made chiacchere and it was the first time my roommate had ever done them without help from her family.  Our first attempt turned out great.  This year, we gave it another go, and I have to say we are getting better!

We decided to make the traditional plain twisty chiacchere with half the dough.  With the other half, we made plain strips which we dusted with powdered sugar before drizzling dark chocolate over them.  They are divine!

We made enough for everyone, enjoy and Happy Carnival!


2 thoughts on “Carnevale in Italia: Le Chiacchiere

  1. Yes, sometimes I do supply the recipes for the foods you find on my blog. The recipe for Le Chiacchiere is not my own and so I do not have it to publish but you can find many great recipes on the internet for them.

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