Italian Fashion: Boccadamo

Rossella Brescia (Italian ballerina) in advertising campaign for Boccadamo.

Tonino Boccadamo began BOCCADAMO in the early 1980s when he started creating jewellery using hard and semi-precious gemstones. He opened up his small studio in Valenza, a comune in the Province of Alessandria in the Piemont region best known for its high-end jewellery, designers, and numerous jewellery stores. It was here he created fine jewellery under the name LUAN before expanding and opening a new production studio and show room in Frosinone where he began selling fine gold jewellery and his newer creations under the brand names BOCCADAMO, EMOZIONI and CHETE & LAROCHE.

The BOCCADAMO collection features beautiful pieces composed of silver, natural stones and Swarovski crystals. You will know you are buying a genuine BOCCADAMO from its signature “B” charm found on all its pieces. The EMOZIONI collection is comprised of fashionable silver jewellery pieces made with Cubic Zirconia, Vetri di Murano and Swarovski crystals and the CHETE & LAROCHE collection is home to fashion accessories such as Watches, and handbags.

BOCCADAMO has been experiencing great success both nationally and internationally. Every attention to detail is made with this brand right down to the elegant packaging, store displays, and advertising campaign.

Find the BOCCADAMO piece that suits your style by visiting them online at

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